Do It Yourself: Quick Car Maintenance Tasks – carandbike

Do It Yourself: Quick Car Maintenance Tasks – carandbike

Though car owners tend to rely on automobile workshops for routine vehicle maintenance, there are various maintenance tasks they can do themselves. Let’s take a glance at the car maintenance tasks owners can do without any professional help.

With rising fuel prices, people are looking for ways to reduce automotive expenses. When the context is about routine maintenance, a majority of car owners tend to take their vehicles to workshops.

But executing car maintenance tasks is a great way to cut expenses. Usually, car maintenance is costly with the presence of labor charges. Here are the top car maintenance tasks you can do yourself. 

Air Filter Replacement

To be precise, changing your car’s air filter only take ten minutes. Here are the top ways with which you can change the air filter of your car.

  • Pop your hood and locate the air filter
  • Open the case and look at how the old filter sits inside it
  • In this manner, you can quickly re-install the new filter
  • Remove the worn out filter and ensure that nothing falls into the bottom of the filter box
  • Put the new filter and secure with bolts

Replacing the Windshield Wipers

It is worth mentioning here that you need new wiper blades after about six months or annually. Note that the wiper blades vary from one vehicle to the other. Here are some ways with which you can change your wiper blades.

  • Lift the blades and remove the old blades
  • Pay attention to how the blades connect to metal arms
  • In most cars, you can notice the tab present on the underside of the wiper
  • Attach the new blades and be careful not to bend them

Spark Plugs Replacement

Note that most spark plugs require replacement after 30000 miles. To be precise, changing a spark plug may seem difficult. However, it is a pretty simple process. Here are some ways in which you can replace your car’s spark plugs.

  • Locate the spark plugs properly
  • You will find either four, six, or eight spark plugs
  • The number of spark plugs usually depend on the number of cylinders of your car
  • Remove the wire to the first spark plug only
  • You have to use your spark plug socket and extension on the ratchet
  • Install the new spark plug
  • Re-attach the spark plug wire

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You would be able to decrease the auto expenses by taking up maintenance work. If you are not feeling confident, then always seek professional help. Cars usually contain complex components, and any mistake can cost you dearly.


If you are confident enough, you will be able to learn new skills for maintaining the car yourself. Save a tremendous amount of money by opting for car maintenance tasks.

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