Live Life Fully: What Will You Take With You Into the New Year? – Charleston Gazette-Mail

Live Life Fully: What Will You Take With You Into the New Year? – Charleston Gazette-Mail

Here we are — at the end of another year. A good time to take stock of our lives.

While you may be focused on what you want to bring into your life in the coming year, it’s helpful to look at what you may need to release.

After all, it’s a two-way street. And there’s only so much capacity. There could even be competing interests with what you say you want to bring in — and what already exists on your platter.

Just take the three broad categories of health, relationships and finances. All require lifestyle decisions, and you need to be realistic about these. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Setups for success

The most important ingredients for success include focus, discipline and support systems. Old habits are hard to break. And if you’re holding onto something that gets in the way, you’re just setting yourself up for self-sabotage.

Say you want to improve a relationship. First of all, you need to be specific about what you want to change. And you need to focus on your role. You can’t control the other person. You can only control your actions — and your responses to their behavior.

This doesn’t mean you have to roll over, by any means. You can set some firm boundaries about what you will accept — and won’t — going forward. Remember — what you tolerate you cannot change. And … drum roll … we teach people how to treat us!

Setting and keeping healthy boundaries

Just don’t be surprised if you’re not taken seriously right out of the box. You have to make a concerted effort to stick to the new boundaries. The other person in the equation may likely ignore your new approach, thinking it will pass.

People do what works. We’ve trained the people in our lives — and they’ve trained us — to go along with certain patterns. What may seem like a very legitimate request on your part may well rock the other person’s world.

So, it’s imperative that you have systems in place to stay the course. A strong incentive could occur in a steadfast intention to “let go” of what you will no longer tolerate.

It’s all about intention

While there is still uncertainty in our world-at-large, due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, it’s important to set intentions. At least you won’t feel like a rudderless ship.

There’s a great book and audiobook by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “The Power of Intention.” If you need to strengthen your resolve in this arena, I’ve found it to be a helpful touchstone.

The burning bowl

There’s a New Year’s ritual I do every year that sets the course for me. It’s called “The Burning Bowl Ceremony,” and it can be done alone or in a group. I’ve described the steps below, prepared for a do-it-yourself ritual.

It’s always a powerful release of what I choose to let go. Nothing like seeing that list go up in flames to sear the point in my mind!

Then I have …….


Do it yourself